Common Reasons for a Psychological Evaluation:

  • Determine psychological diagnosis related to an emotional, behavioral, or learning problem
  • Facilitate treatment planning
  • Make recommendations for educational or vocational planning
  • Assess eligibility for special needs resources
  • Admissions testing for some private schools and undergraduate/graduate special needs programs
  • Develop understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses (e.g., learning style or personality style)
Psychological therapy

A standard psychological evaluation provides in-depth information regarding an individual's intellectual capacity, emotional and behavioral functioning, and personality style. Additional tests may be administered to assess attention, memory ability, substance use, interpersonal skills, and/or vocational interests. A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation focuses on the domains noted above as well as an individual's learning style and levels of academic achievement in areas such as reading, math, writing, and listening comprehension. A psychoeducational evaluation is necessary to diagnose learning disabilities or an attention disorder and helps parents better understand their child's strengths and weaknesses.

Psychological/psychoeducational evaluation fees are determined based on the amount of time needed to conduct the initial interview, administer the selected tests, score and interpret the results, provide oral feedback of the results, and write a detailed report of the findings. The amount of time required depends on the nature of the presenting problems and/or referral questions as well as the tests required to effectively and efficiently provide the requested information. Therefore, evaluation costs vary based on the individual needs of each client and are discussed with the family at the end of the initial consultation (prior to the testing process).

Dr. Bolton is also available for school consultation services following an evaluation. She will work with you to advocate for the identified needs of your child/adolescent. Contact her for more information about this service and related fees.