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Psychological and Psychoeducational Testing. Individual, Family, and Group Therapy


Questions You May Have

Below you will find Dr. Bolton’s answers to questions often asked by potential clients. Please do not hesitate to call to discuss any questions you may have regarding Dr. Bolton or her services.

What is your approach to therapy? What theories do you use?

I typically work from a cognitive-behavioral perspective with additional focus given to the family system. I believe therapy should aim to equip individuals with the tools they need to become their own therapist (i.e., I seek to work myself out of my job!). Therefore, an important part of your therapy with me will be practicing new skills that you will learn in our sessions. Change will sometimes be easy and quick, but more often it can be slow and frustrating, and you will need to keep persevering. There are no instant cures or “magic pills.” However, you can learn new skills and/or ways of looking at your problems that will be very helpful for changing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

What can I expect for my first session?

Our first session or two will focus on assessing your needs and concerns. Initially, I will ask you a lot of questions to gain an understanding of your history and your current reasons for seeking support now. After the initial interview, I will tell you how I view your particular situation and how I think we should proceed. Because I view therapy as a partnership between us, you will help define the problem areas to be worked on, and I will use my knowledge and training to help you make the changes you want.

How often do you meet with your therapy clients?

The frequency and duration of therapy varies depending on several factors. Most of my therapy clients meet with me once weekly or every other week for a couple months. Then we typically meet less often for a few more months. Therapy usually comes to an end as new skills are effectively implemented and symptoms are relieved. I always encourage my clients to return for follow-up or “booster” sessions as needed.

What benefits can I expect from therapy?

Based on what I know from psychological research and the gains my clients have demonstrated, I am confident there are many benefits to therapy. First, people have a chance to talk things out fully until their feelings are relieved or the problems are resolved. For example, people who are depressed may find their mood improving while others may no longer feel as angry or worried. Second, clients’ coping skills often improve greatly. Consequently, they may get more satisfaction from social and family relationships. Third, their personal goals and values typically become clearer. Thus, therapy should enable clients to see improvement in several areas of their lives such as personal growth, close relationships, work or educational performance, and/or the ability to enjoy their lives more fully.

Do you do Christian counseling?

When requested, I purposely use Christian principles and techniques in therapy. During your initial session, we can discuss your specific expectations and preferences if you are interested in this approach.

Do you only work with Christian clients?

While I am a Christian who specializes in the integration of Biblical theology and psychology, I welcome the opportunity to work with clients from any or no religious background and will show respect for your beliefs and practices.

What problems do you address? What ages do you work with?

Please refer to the Therapy page for an overview and/or call me to discuss your specific situation.

What will I learn from psychological/psychoeducational testing?

Please refer to the Evaluation/Testing page for an overview and/or call me to discuss the specific answers you would like to find through testing.

Will you meet with my child’s school to make recommendations to improve behavior or learning?

Yes, I provide school consultation services to help families advocate for the specific needs of their children. School visits are available for clients who have undergone a comprehensive evaluation or have participated in ongoing therapy.

How much do your services cost? Are you on my insurance panel?

Costs vary depending on the type of services you receive. We will discuss your specific situation and payment options prior to scheduling an appointment. I do not file insurance claims, and payment by check or cash is expected at the time of service. I will provide you with monthly statements to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement to you. I recommend that you contact your insurance company to inquire about your specific out-of-network mental health coverage so you can know what to expect.

What are your hours?

I work by appointment only. I typically do not see clients after 5:30 pm, but Saturday appointments are available for testing/evaluations and occasional therapy.