Common Issues Dr. Bolton Addresses in Therapy:Therapy

  • Adjustment problems/life transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Attention/organizational/time management problems
  • Behavior problems
  • Depression/Mood problems
  • Family relationship challenges
  • Learning disorders/Academic difficulties
  • Social skills deficits
  • Spiritual/religious concerns

Dr. Bolton works with children, adolescents, young adults, and families experiencing a broad range of emotional, behavioral, or adjustment problems. For example, in a given week, she may spend time with a first grade girl who is having difficulty making friends, a teenage boy who is rebelling against adult authority at home and school, a young woman frustrated with being single, and a parent looking for strategies to discipline a defiant preschooler.

Dr. Bolton works together with her clients (and, in the case of a child or teen client, their parents) to find ways to make life more manageable and enjoyable. Therapy is usually helpful when people experience emotional or behavioral problems that interrupt their daily functioning, add stress to their family, and/or prevent them from fulfilling their potential and experiencing the joys of life. Dr. Bolton works with her clients to develop a personal treatment plan to target their specific concerns. Together, they create therapy goals, practice strategies to improve coping or other skills deficits, and monitor treatment progress.

It is difficult to fully describe psychological treatment because the nature of the services varies according to the clients’ questions or needs, the age of the client, and the number of people receiving the services. You and Dr. Bolton will work together to determine the best approach to address your unique situation. Because you may be investing a significant amount of time, money, and effort into therapy, you should choose your therapist carefully. You should feel comfortable with the therapist you select, and hopeful about the outcome of your treatment. Please visit the FAQ page to read Dr. Bolton's answers to questions she is often asked by potential therapy clients. Dr. Bolton also encourages you to contact her directly to discuss any specific questions you may have about her treatment approach as it applies to your individual needs and goals.